Specialty Coatings can and should be customized to meet your unique requirements. Our Industry Leadership in Specialty Coatings provides both the flexibility and expertise to adjust any of the standard Tristar formulations to best suit your performance needs.

Environmental concerns have prompted legislators to limit the amount of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) being released during paint application. These restrictions are progressively limiting the use of solvent-based paints. Replacements include powder, waterborne and high solids systems. In addition to High Solids formulations, Tristar has developed a range of high performance 1 & 2 part Waterborne Products to comply with proposed legislation over the next ten years. Furthermore, Tristar has ceased use of lead in all of its pigments. Lead is a toxic, heavy metal and hazardous to health if inhaled or swallowed. Subsequent sanding is covered by Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, thereby opening the door to lawsuit and rights issues against downstream suppliers that either applied or supplied the paint.

Our 2K Topcoats (solvent based) include an exceptionally durable Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane, an outstanding Isocyanate Free Acrylic and a High Build Polyamide Epoxy. Both High Solids and conventional formulations are available.

Our 1K Coatings (solvent based) are primarily used in industrial markets on structural metal and machinery products.

Our 2K Primers (solvent based) have outstanding corrosion resistance and include a 10 mil DFT High Build formulation that can be applied as thin as 1.0 mil or as thick as 10 mils plus DFT (dry film thickness) without runs or sags. Both High Solids and conventional formulations are available.

Our Aerospace Technology includes coating systems approved by various OEM aerospace manufacturers for listing on their QPL (Qualified Products Listing). Both High Solids and conventional formulations are available.

Technical Data Sheets Available by Request Only.

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