Acrylic PUD Single Component Topcoat

PROTEUS™ 770 Polyurethane Acrylic Dispersion based coating is available in topcoat formulation. This discount topcoat is ideal for fast drying industrial, farm and construction equipment and may be applied direct to metal. Product exhibits excellent weathering and corrosion resistance, good solvent and chemical resistance. Designed specifically for applications where fast drying and quick film properties development are required. Available in Anti-Bacterial clear coat containing a wide spectrum fungicide solution that protects against fungi, mildew and blue stain.

These waterborne coatings also eliminate regulatory- VOC, fire and storage restrictions.

  • Low VOC
  • Low odor
  • Film hardness
  • Excellent adhesion to metal
  • Fast drying / curing
  • Fast film properties development
  • Excellent weathering
  • Corrosion resistance (direct to metal formulations)
  • Good solvent and chemical resistance
  • Once coating is fully cured, there is no residual solvent evaporation (solvent emission)

Want to Know More?

If you would like more information, please call us at (905) 794‑1100 (for calls outside the Greater Toronto Area, use our toll‑free number: 1‑800‑975‑5568).
We will be happy to answer your questions.

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