Phenolic High Build Anti‑Corrosion Primer

Stardry™ 300 primer is a high build anti‑corrosion primer designed for industrial applications where high-performance counts. Tailored for use in agile manufacturing environments that emphasize high quality finished product, Stardry™ 300 is fast drying and provides excellent adhesion and early water-resistant properties. Can tolerate several months of outdoor storage prior to application of topcoat. Available in low VOC (2.8 lbs/UG) formulation- 302P8511LV- Low VOC Grey Primer.

  • Anti‑corrosive chromate‑free pigments
  • Excellent spraying characteristics
  • Fast drying
  • Welding arc may be easily struck with conventional welding rods and equipment
  • High build properties, covering surface irregularities
  • No recoat window
  • Non- lifting

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