Waterborne Polyurethane Anti-Graffiti Topcoat

Proteus™ 940 is a low V.O.C, 2 components, waterborne polyurethane coating. Featuring high impact resistance, excellent hardness, outstanding flexibility and exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion and weather, Proteus™ 940 is a superior coating designed to give long term durability on a wide variety of substrates. Product is available as a clear and pigmented coating with high gloss (maximum 75˚) to mat finishes.

  • Impenetrable, tough, yet extremely flexible film that withstands all forms of graffiti attack and is resistant to solvent, cleaners, and chemicals
  • Exceptional dirt resistance
  • Permanent anti-graffiti effect
  • Exceptional long-term colour and gloss retention.
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC
  • Spray or roll applications
  • Fast film properties development
  • Long pot life
  • Exceptional non-yellowing properties for Clear or White

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