Tristar is dedicated to the highest quality of Customer Service of warmth,friendliness, individual pride and Company spirit. Our employees are provided the same concern, respect and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every Tristar Customer. Our goal is to provide a quality paint system aligning with the needs of each of our Customers.

Tristar’s origins date back to 1971 with contracts to provide specialty coatings to both de Havilland and Canadair, two pioneers in Canada’s aerospace industry. The Company currently manufactures a full range of specialty coatings not only for the aerospace, but industrial and commercial markets as well, from its factory in Toronto, Canada. Tristar is registered under current ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Building on its formulation expertise for aerospace coatings, Tristar is committed to substantial on-going research and development involving formulation advancements coupled with raw material innovations. Durability, appearance, ease of spray application  (productivity) and cost are the driving criteria. Lowering VOC (volatile organic compounds) content well beyond both environmental and industry requirements are always paramount to any formulation.

In addition, existing formulations are routinely customized to facilitate performance and/or productivity gains specific to a Customer’s needs. Pot life, dry times, adhesion properties, durability requirements, hiding and even color or gloss challenges, etc. can all be adjusted to meet specific and unique requirements specific to the Customer. Tristar is equally committed to providing field support and guidance with respect to substrate preparation, spray equipment, paint application guidelines etc.

We, at Tristar, will make every effort to continuously earn your confidence and support.

Yours very truly,

Svetlana Melkova


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